Michelle Perkins

Michelle Perkins, Founder – Executive Director

Who We Are

I’m Michelle Perkins, a resilient woman who has triumphed over adversity. In 2009, I established Turning Point in the vibrant community of South Los Angeles, following an eight-year journey grappling with domestic violence, substance abuse, and being formerly incarcerated. Determined to transform my life, I embarked on a challenging yet rewarding path, fueled by the invaluable support of individuals who made a profound impact on my journey.

My recovery was continually fueled by my dedication and determination to triumph over my past experiences. Which I DID! It was at my turning point that I realized I could be a turning point in and for the lives of others.

Post-recovery, I assembled a team of  compassionate professionals, with impressive credentials who also have their own personal recovery and lived experiences who believed in my vision.

This is how Turning Point came into existence. I became aware of the importance of the impact I could have in people’s lives.

Turning Point offers vital tools for individuals to help them Repair, Rebuild and Restore their own lives. I know the importance of having an impact in a person’s life because other people have had an impact in my life.

It makes my heart feel warm to know that I was able to have a positive impact in someone’s life.

Turning point needs your help so we can continue to serve our community.