Successfully providing permanent housing to individuals...

Successfully providing permanent housing to individuals after experiencing many years of homelessness.

Supporting formerly incarcerated people get financial assistance...

Supporting formerly incarcerated people, Turning Point partnered with the Center for Employment Opportunity, Inc. to provide financial assistance via the returning citizen stimulus program to provide stimulus funding to individuals that were released from prison during the COVID pandemic.

Providing a wide array of mental health care for children, teens, and adults in a warm and inviting outpatient care environment.

Providing a wide array of mental health care for children, teens, and adults in a warm and inviting outpatient care environment.

Our Programs

Turning Point Programs and Services

Our programs help clients reshape their beliefs and attitudes, and control their impulses, thoughts, and behaviors. Our therapists, substance abuse counselors, community health workers and Intensive case managers provide culturally appropriate counseling to clients.

Turning Point is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community-based organization providing services to residents within the city and county of Los Angeles, California.

Re-Entry Program

Turning Point’s Re-Entry Program utilizes a collaborative whole person care model to help people who have been recently released from incarceration to successfully transition back into the community as productive members.

Turning Point Community Health Workers have lived experience to assist program participants with linkage to vocational and educational training , assistance with job placement, housing support, and other supportive services.

Even while in custody, men and women with upcoming release dates can contact Turning Point to begin developing an individualized service plans that will serve as a personal framework for their rehabilitation upon their release.

Mental Health

Turning Point provides Mental Health Service to individuals  that will assist them to manage mental health challenges.

Turning Point’s goal is not merely to assess, and treat mental symptoms, but to equip individuals with the tools necessary to achieve meaningful lives and relationships.

Turning Point Mental Health provides services to individuals and families.

Supportive Services

Turning Point provides court-approved programs services to both adults and adolescents:

Alcohol & Drug Education
HIV / AIDS Testing & Education (Charles Drew Medical Center)
Group and Individual Counseling
Domestic Violence Classes
Anger Management Classes
Parenting Classes

Housing Team

Turning Point Intensive Case Managers Work with homeless individuals assisting them with obtaining permanent housing who are transitioning back into society and have nowhere else to turn.